MailART 10 Get well soon

10 Get well

This was another fun card to do! I printed the paper for the envelope and the background on the card myself. Mono printing background paper has become a serious obsession of mine. This time I tried out making my own chalk paint and loved the gorgeous colours it gave me.

Of course a bit of die cutting to add the message was a must. Must learn how to put on letters straight – that skill still eludes me 🙂

mailART 9/100 besserung gute

09 Gute Besserung

This just shows what happens when I don’t plan out what is going to go on a card. I made the gold embossing some time ago and it is lush! Then I decided this card needs butterflies, so I went into my butterfly bag and stuck them on.

And then I realised that it is going to be a challenge to get the words on. A simple ‘get well’ becomes ‘gute Besserung’  – try fitting that on! It is now ‘well get’ 🙂  Admittedly I was too lazy to cut smaller letters but I am quite pleased with the result. I just follow the surreal offerings my creative diva is throwing out.


MailART 8/100 Alles Gute

08 Alles Gute

This one just came from the background – it is mono printed, a technique  I am obsessed with. Then I recently scored the gorgeous ironwork die in the summer sale from Sizzix 658711. The letters came from that haul too.

I have been cutting out the animals from one of my charity book finds. They are just fabulous and I have all sorts. All in all I am very pleased with this surreal offering – not sure what my mother will think of it as a birthday card. But that is what the creative diva came up with, so that is what she is going to get.

MailART 7/100 Lighthouse

07 Lighthouse

Another mailART day inspired by one of my mastermind partners. I had cut the lighthouse envelope (how cool is that, no book is safe from me now!!!) and then she spoke about her metaphor of a lighthouse for her new project. I was inspired and at the same time found the new owner of that envelope.

Making connections like that makes me happy  🙂

MailARt 5/100 Cheap Psychology for cat owners

05 Cheap Psychology for cat owners

I had forgotten that I made a lot of these little booklets once upon a time. They are filled with funny quotes and I have all sorts of topics going. They are alle going to new owners in the coming months!!! All they need is special treatment to give them some soul and a MailARt worthy envelope.

This time I went into my stack of wallpaper samples. They make just fab envelopes!

MailARt 04/100

04 must dash feiern set

This is German with a lisp 🙂 and means ‘Must celebrate that’

I love the double entendres one can play with in English and I tried out a German version. I admit it will take some thinking, but what are heads for.

It ended up  as a birthday card for my brother. The moustache is created from a double cut of a paisley die cut shape plus a selection of letter from my stash and washi tape.