MailARt 5/100 Cheap Psychology for cat owners

05 Cheap Psychology for cat owners

I had forgotten that I made a lot of these little booklets once upon a time. They are filled with funny quotes and I have all sorts of topics going. They are alle going to new owners in the coming months!!! All they need is special treatment to give them some soul and a MailARt worthy envelope.

This time I went into my stack of wallpaper samples. They make just fab envelopes!


MailARt 04/100

04 must dash feiern set

This is German with a lisp 🙂 and means ‘Must celebrate that’

I love the double entendres one can play with in English and I tried out a German version. I admit it will take some thinking, but what are heads for.

It ended up  as a birthday card for my brother. The moustache is created from a double cut of a paisley die cut shape plus a selection of letter from my stash and washi tape.

MailART 01/100

01 Light bulb card

I have been travelling and working away from home so much, that art took a back seat for too long. I am home for a while and have started a new project that is really important to me.

First of all I would like to connect more with people I know and want to know better – away from social media. Secondly I want to make my mail fun and use them as an outlet to practise.

I am making my envelopes and cards from scratch and it is  a whole lot of fun. God, I have missed this so much!

This is my first effort – a thank you card for giving me the opportunity for lots of new ideas.

The light bulbs are embossed with WOW clear embossing powder and came out great


MailARt 02/100



This MailARt piece came out so cheerful and it went to somebody I should speak to much more but somehow the years slip by and we have not.

I always remember some fun times together in Windsor many moons ago!


2014 Goals

Open doorsFor me autumn is the time of year to look forward. With our German team at stahldust campus we were looking at our visions last month and this month we are going to make plans to make part of these visions reality. My work demands are hopefully going to change next year and I am proactively redistributing my available time. I have learned over the years that early planning helps me to get to where ‘I’ want to go rather than responding to what happens around me.

There are so many possible doors, who knows which one will open!

I have a vision for my art, I want to make it part of my other training, coaching and consulting work. I have made small steps already but it is time to go forth and make this vision come true. How? I have no idea just yet. But that is the nice thing about visions, they do not have to be realistic. I have no doubt, that I will work something out this month to get this plan rolling.

Oh and whilst I am at crazy dreams….. I would like to exhibit one of my pieces at the RSA Summer Exhibition. There I said it 🙂