Heart Pendants

A very easy project this month! These pendants look like they are enameled and are quickly achieved with multi-layers of embossing. I used a sturdy die cut shape, you want it thick enough that it will not warp under the heat of the embossing powder. I used the Accucut Layering Hearts die cut and either  recycled cardboard or, a little more sophisticated for this project, mount board.
First I made a hole for the ribbon and then I started embossing. To achieve the enameled effect I actually embossed the heart five times with : WOW Primary Burgundy red and to get the really smooth, glass like finish, move the heat tool in small circles around the shape. I just added a little diamante and the ribbon but you do not have to stop there!
You can personalize your pendant with letters for example. Or maybe more sparkly stones!
I used: WOW Primary Burgundy red  as a base and then made the heart sparkle with Mojave from the Desert Sands Kit. The letters are embossed with WOW Gold Rich Pale. To give any metallic embossing powder an aged and tarnished look, I finish with a layer of  WOW Clear Braille Ultra High. This ampersand I like in particular, it is on one of my Accucut die sets:
I leave you with this thought:
is the triumph 
of imagination
over intelligence
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