What you can dream, you can do

This month the Theme really caused me a headache. ‘Snow and Ice’ – everything I tried was too Christmassy or even more depressingly lacked colour.
I went through my embossing powders and stopped at the ‘ Carribean Jewels collection‘. If those don’t look like gemstones dipped in ice, I don’t know what would. Gorgeous!
So I started layering bright acrylic paint on my canvas. That is what I craved – it has been so dull outside. It zapps my zest for life when I don’t get enough colour! Then I used some molding past through a snake skin stencil (very cool effect) and some more colour on top.
The butterflies / moths and border have been cut out with my cutting machine. I sprayed them with glue and embossed with the powders from the jewels set.
The word dream and the canvas also got a little bit of a Fab foil treatment.
I whole-heartily buy into the saying I chose. I had an amazing 2012 and am hoping that 2013 will be an equally stonking good year for us all.
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