Moleskine and other note books

I am back from my travels and have some time for art again. Am home now until first week in January when I am travelling to China -which I am very excited about. I am even learning to read Chinese at the moment. It is fascinating! But back to my creative pursuits:

My love for moleskine is great, but I am particular! It has to be the extra large Cahier with squared paper. I use it everyday for my to do list and notes and have finally overcome whatever it was that stopped me from using it for drawing.

My current moleskine is red notebook in the picture and as you can see it is already battered from daily use – one of the letters is missing from my cover decoration. The text is a little difficult to translate into English. In German self employed means selbst=self and ständig=always, constantly. Which ist quite interesting – isn’t it! Gotta do a lot yourself and have to do it consistently.  So it translates something like: nobody has told me about the self and always bit! It really sounds better in German 🙂

Diaries Moleskine

The green little booklet in the picture is my proto-type of something close to my heart and my work at Stahldust I wanted to get them into production for a very long time. These little hand bound notebooks are used for a very specific goal. More about that later in the week!


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