Up-cyling light bulbs to Christmas ornaments

I had this box of light bulbs staring at me for some time now. I rescued them, they are the (now) old fashioned shapes which are no longer being produced because they are not energy saving. And then I had all these new embossing powders WOW has just come out with. I was itching to use them so I rebelled and did not go with this month colours. Because……


Glitter + light bulbs= tree baubles!!


I have tried embossing on glass before, but had trouble getting the embossing ink on evenly, especially when the shape was not straight. On my table sat a can of spray glue and I decided to spray my light bulb all over and it worked a treat – very even coverage (even on my floor until I used my bin as a spray booth)


                       Glitter+glue spray+light bulbs=quick ‘n easy baubles!!

I decided to do several light coatings and that worked great. Every embossing powder I tried performed well and looked stunning. In the pictures I used the new Dessert Sand set (gorgeous!!!)


I decided to add some string but could also have used wool or wire. The perfect way to re-cycle used or unusable light bulbs. Very green!!!!


On a trip to America I scored several boxes of clear glass ornaments. Guess what is going to happen to them now??!



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