1/101 Canvases

Here we go, new challenge for myself. 101 Canvases to be sold rather than hang around my studio for very long. Here we go with my first Moroccan Tile version

I can not stop looking at Moroccan tile patterns. So I cut my own stencil and did my first canvas. The canvas with the red background and those three ghostly people I had knocking around for some time now. I was never happy with it. The three people were a toner transfer with gold paint which worked quite successfully.

To turn it into a canvas I liked, I used my own stencil and used Golden Molding Paste to get the raised pattern. Then I  embossed over some of the still wet Molding Paste with WOW embossing powders. In particular I love the the very, very yummy Verdigris. When you put the heat gun onto wet Molding Paste, it bubbles up leaving a really interesting surface behind.

I am very happy with my first attempt! Only 100 canvases to go……




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