I have always wanted to be able to paint portraits. Mixed-Media Portraits to be precise. And I did not want them to look like most of the portraits one sees around these blogs. I want to add character. I love the work of Maria Pace-Wynters, her girls do have character.

In particular I love this painting called ‘The Spanish Poppy’ http://mariapacewynters.wordpress.com/2012/01/07/the-spanish-poppy/ and decided to use it as my guide for my first portrait. What I came up with does not look  anything like Maria’s painting but I did not want to copy anyway. I love here use of colour more than anything and that is what I tried to add to my painting. I must say, having bought some oil pastels really helped with the layers. And best of all I enjoyed painting it.

She probably isn’t Spanish and a poppy she ain’t either. I have no title for her but has grown on me.


3 thoughts on “Portrait

  1. adrian cornwell says:

    My God..you haven’t changed a bit……..still that wonderful inventive, exciting, surprising mind shining out in your work and in your happy confident writing.

    I’m immpressed.


  2. Doris says:

    Thank you for that lovely comment Maria….. you can see I am totally on the ball 🙂 I admire your work very much!!

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