I am in heaven!!

So I had this goal of being member of a design team. Most craft supply companies have design teams to produce samples with their products. Makes sense as it gives purchaser ideas and helps to show the possibilities. But I am  fussy about which company I would want to work with. Most of the stuff out there is too cute for my taste and too limiting. I want to have the freedom to experiment. By chance  I landed on this website WOW Embossing Powders Now you all know by now,  just how much I like to play with embossing powders and would you believe it? They were looking  for a new design team……………………………

And I am in!! Wohooo. I am thrilled and to make my week, a parcel arrived today containing this:

WOW Right? And I did not even take a picture of all of them, I left the clear and black powders in the bag.

So my head is swimming with possibilities and I keep staring at all the gorgeous colours. One thing  I will have to get used to, is writing step by step ‘How to’s’ which can be tricky with my experimental approach. Lots of things don’t work and then, sometimes, when something works out, I can not remember exactly what I did to get the result.

One other little problem (which is one of the nicer problems to have in life): The company has a huge stand at the Hobby& Crafts show in Birmingham and wants us to make lots of samples AND I have to get everything done for our own  ‘Arts against Poverty’ stand at the same show. I feel some long nights of creativity coming on!

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