‘Arts against Poverty’ is getting off the ground

I am beyond excited to get a break for my ‘1001 journal’ charity project. For anybody who does not know what I am talking about – you can read all about it here. The charity I am working with had a fabulous re-brand and they are now called ‘People against Poverty’. The community I am looking after is ‘Arts against Poverty’ and the new logo is so cool!

So, the break I got was a free stand for the charity at the Hobby and Craft Show at the NEC in Birmingham 3.11 – 6..11 where I will be introducing the project to a wider audience. Thank you G. and ICHF you are very generous to make this happen! My brilliant master plan is to inspire companies who are exhibiting as partners, to create fund raising projects with us and ‘recruit’ donators of gorgeous journals from the army or crafters and artists who will be attending. Now I just need a cat to stroke……and there will be world domination!

I have just seen the layout of the show and we are right next to the Refreshment Area, on the way to the workshop areas and opposite of Windsor & Newton *drool*. Perfect! But we have lots of wall space to fill….

Soooo……. to have a great variety of journals to exhibit, I need help. Who do you know you could  contribute either some artwork I can turn into the cover of a journal OR make and donate a journal. The deadline for contributions is 15.10. to give me enough time to finish them off as journals. Any questions are welcome and you can send them to cheappsychology@gmail.com or ask here in the comment area.

I will be eternally grateful to receive some gorgeous contributions!


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