Update from a winner

I had actually planned to win the lottery this weekend (£ 90 million!!!) but that did not work out, so as compensation I won the second best thing: a $ 50 voucher from Accucut . They only produce THE most amazing dies and all the album dies I use, are from them. If you would like to get a dose of die-cutting eye candy…… their site is the best address for it. Pity they are in the USA as the delivery charges on these have wooden dies are crippling, but maybe that is a blessing too or I would constantly add more and Gary would try to have me sectioned. I am very fond of dies, I admit it – and he just does not ‘get’ it !

Had a couple of special commissions for journals, can not reveal either one of them yet but both came out lovely.  I realised how much I have been missing, doing the journals regularly and I am going to try to get to my 101 journals target before the summer is over. I have just been soooooooo busy with the building of our business in Germany that I simply have not had the energy. But it just has to fit in both.

The 1001 journals project has not gotten off the ground yet either. What I have tried so far has not been working very well which is not a problem because I knew it would be trial and error. But again my energy just was not there, to try a new approach. I know what to do …… but when???   I have never been one to give up easily so watch out.


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