40/101 Gold Trellis Journal

Happy 2011! May it bring you joy,  many wonderful moments and the wisdom to recognise when they are happening to you.


This cover was drawn with an interesting contraption, a fine liner calligraphy drawing pen from USArtquest. Less  a pen, more a metal thingy, which allows me to mix up any kind of colour to the right consistency and then draw with it. When it works it works really well, the rest of the time it is a pain in the butt and I had to glue the metal parts back together already once.

But hurrah – I am back with my journals! I have so many started and unfinished Journal covers knocking about – no wonder, the last one I finished and posted was end of August!! And I went ahead and gave some away as presents which was a huge pleasure, but kind of goes against having 101 done to sell for charity……….

Of course this year is the year of the project ‘Artists against Poverty’ 1001 journals, a book published and an exhibition in London and Bath……………………… I never set my goals small 🙂 Gary has started a website for me, just for this project here.

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