34/101 Zentangle Journal

I knew I would not be able to stop doodling. This is the second pro doodle I did, this time more ‘Zentangle like’.  I am a third of the way to my goal of 101 Journals and closer to raising money for  Business against Poverty and Artists against Poverty is in danger of becoming reality 🙂  So much good can happen when an idea starts to form and one puts it out there ……………but more of that later in the week.

Back to this journal which I even managed to complete and not just leave it as a cover to be finished at some undetermined time when I am in finishing mood (not my strength……..).  I finally have found a way of making these flower book covers look good in my eyes and will go back to still ugly No. 13 to give it the doodle treatment.

Doodling IS one of my favourite things and I am playing along in the CYDA Challenge #1

The colour selection is from this challenge at the Play Date Cafe. Great inspiration – thank you ladies!!


5 thoughts on “34/101 Zentangle Journal

  1. stampersuzz says:

    Love that you used the zentangle technique on this. Gorgeous effect. I popped it open to see the details. Thanks for playing along with us at the PDCC.

  2. Elise says:

    In a word – “WOW!”

    You definitely got in touch with your artistic side! I’m loving your journey on this fine piece of craft! So exciting to see where the PDCC inspiration took you! Thanks for sharing your wonderful work!

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