32/101 Hope Journal

This I made for myself as I hope my plan to raise lots of money will come off. I am looking now for somebody with some administrative skills who want to volunteer their time and work with me together on ‘Artists against Poverty’. All I can promise is that it will be a very fulfilling journey!

Anyway back to this journal. I got back to something I used to love doing in meetings (it drove my last boss to distraction :): DOODLING. But not any old doodling, I am totally inspired by Mehindis, the Henna paintings brides wear on their hands and feet. I definitely will do more of those. It is soooooooooo relaxing and soooooo much fun!

I am getting a new tool this week so I can make very, very fine lines with my paints and inks too. This one is done with a gel pen and of course lots of bling!

Everybody Art Challenge theme this week is ‘Check it out’ – so I did!

And I hope it is floral enough for  A Pocket full of Posies challenge, but it is definitely glittery enough!!

The new challenge at Craft your days away is favourite things  and my love of doodling so falls into that category.


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