30/101 Heart Journal

So much good news! I have teamed up with Business against Poverty and therefore now have a real aim to work towards and raise money for. I am thrillled!!!! I have known Bill for many years through networking and he and his wife have put an enormous amount into this charity. The best news: 100% of the proceeds of the sale/raffle of these journals ist going to a good cause/causes.

The second best news: Bill suggested I could start a ‘branch’ and call it ‘Artists against Poverty’. And it is amazing what one artist can do to change the world………….. what could many artists do to change it? They are the lucky people and just donate something the enjoyed creating.

So it has to be hearts today and not just any hearts, but hearts on a journey…..


2 thoughts on “30/101 Heart Journal

  1. anne mcdonald says:

    love it love it love it!
    I’m in!
    is there no end to your creativity/frenetic energy???
    hearts on a journey is brilliant!!!

    • Doris says:

      Aww thanks Anne, looking forward to your covers. Just realised I will need to blag paper cut offs from some printers to cut the pages for inside the journals. That will take A LOT of paper!

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