28/101 Owl Journal

Had some scraps of watercolour paper lying around and decided to go with a 6 x 4 ‘owl’ challenge from Sunday Postcard Art.  I will spiral bind this as a notepad.

Making this kind of art has its hazards!  Since I thought of the to doooo thing (get it…….. owl theme??!!)  I constantly  keep saying ‘to doooooo’ in my head ……

Brian the owl should get a mention here too, even though he is on a canvas.. I did him some time ago and he is very, very camp.


13 thoughts on “28/101 Owl Journal

  1. Cindy McMath says:

    This is so sweet Doris! Took a look a Brian – so much fun! I also looked at your main page and your journals are lovely – I especially love “determination” and “paisley” – probably because of the vibrant colours.

    Cindy 🙂

  2. Bev says:

    I love your colorful owls! What a great little journal this will make. Nicely done. Now I’m off to see the rest of your journals someone mentioned!

  3. Jodie says:

    Love this one D! And I’m pretty sure I’m now going to have “to doooo” in my head all night now- thanks!

  4. yasmindeboo says:

    Fabulous postcard; love your owls. What a super idea using it as a cover for a note book and perfect words for its use too!!! Brilliant.

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