22/101 ‘Think Big’ Journal

Number 22 Journal, recycled again, today  from a pizza box. I am always looking through the challenge blogs for inspiration to do something different. The Play Date Cafe Challenge asked in this weeks challenge for the colour combination purple (!!), lilac and lime green. The photo did not come off, it looks better irl………. honest, gov.

This one came about because today I was thinking about my 101 journals and what it would be like to create 1001 journals and raise £ 150.000 for a charity? That was kind of a mind blowing WoW thought.  As it would take me some time to do 1001 journals and I want to raise the money for this Christmas, I was spinning the thought on and wondered if I could get other artists to donate a couple of handmade journals. All they have to do is to use some recycled material, their imagination and perhaps something from their stash.

Could I blag an exhibition space in London for November and show off all those journals? Could I get 1001 people to buy a raffle ticket for £ 15 and they tell us their top 5 favourite journals. Each person WILL get a journal, the raffle decides if they get their own choice or we chose for them. Can I find a charity where I am sure that 90%+ of the money raised (minus postage) will go to a good cause? Maybe I could even find a sombody who coughs up the postage. And more maybe, perhaps, wouldn’t it be great if I could get a couple or 5 REALLY famous artists to donate a cover for a journal?

What artists can do, wouldn’t it be amazing ………………………


12 thoughts on “22/101 ‘Think Big’ Journal

  1. Jodie says:

    OOh, what exciting “thoughts’!
    I could try having an ask about the fashion industry for you if you like? Not sure if I know anyone who “knows anyone”, but might be worth having an ask if you get serious about this?

  2. Gary says:

    I think it’s a great idea and I think that artists would be happy to contribute if they like the charity, so that choice is important. The biggest obstacle is making contact with them.

    If it is in the UK, obvious choices would be the likes Peter Blake of one of the approachable YBA’s such as Tracey Emin. Might be worth finding out what charities a selection favours and take it from there – the charities might even make the contact for you.

  3. Savannah O'Gwynn says:

    Love that you recycled this page from a pizza box! CLEVER! I like the pop of purple on that green and those splatter spots! Thanks for playing along and joining in the fun at the PDCC:)

  4. Ruby 2 Shoes says:

    Wow! What lovely ideas, and a great journal cover too! I wish you all the best with your venture, sounds fun! Thanks for playing along with us at the PDCC this week!

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