21/101 Branches Journal

I had these already painted pieces of cardboard hanging around. Was not sure what to do with them. 101 Journals sorted that out! I played around with a gesso squishing technique here and then put some shiny coat on it. Looks lovely as is, very tactile!

But there will be some wise words added when I find the right ones.

The technique is pretty simple:

Generously slap  some gesso on something sturdy like cardboard. Place another piece of cardboard on top, press together and start pulling apart. The pulling apart will create the branch like texture and you will have it as a mirror image. Let it dry and add some paint if you feel like it.


2 thoughts on “21/101 Branches Journal

  1. Elisa says:

    the way you shout in the woods it echoes back…

    cant see the trees from the woods, cant see the woods from the trees – dont even ask about the leaves 😉


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