17/101 The things you can do Journal

I can not do ‘grungy’ on command. Nope, it needs to be something else I mess up and then I have to go over it and then I might feel like distressing and then the ink comes out. So this was blue and I had some stickers on it ( I have no idea why I have those stickers, one day I will manage to make them look not like a cheap shop bought thing to stick on because I don’t have enough imagination to do someting else).

It looked HORRIBLE – even worse than 13/101 which will have to go – soon – and when I pulled the stickers off, the paint came off too. So I pulled some more and put some paint back on and here we are. Much better! I have this idea now to get some guest journal makers too, to add to the 101 journals in their own style before we go to a charity auction.  I could just ask………….

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