14/101 Chocaholic Journal

I have a whole stack of fantastic chocolate related quotes, they were always planned in the series of Cheap Psychology for……………….  So this journal is going to have pages with the quotes on, when I get my printer back up and running again. But here it is, looking very ….. ermmmmm……. chocolaty

The label on the back cracks my up too….. The ornaments are another one of my embossed specials, it does not come out on the picture but they are very, very shiny!


One thought on “14/101 Chocaholic Journal

  1. Elisa says:

    Geez, stop teasing woman please!!!

    I just love, love, LOOOOOOVVE your journals. How is this ever going to work? I want every one and you’re only making one ever…..

    Loving you for your fabulous fantasticus creativity, style and go go go,

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