10/101 Birthday Journal

Wohoo, the 10th journal in so many days. This could  also be an extra special  birthday or  wedding card. The journal has a sturdy back and a flap (cardboard of course) and those gorgeous colourful butterflies. I borrowed the idea from the embellishments a couple of days ago, painted the cardboard and triple embossed. They are very cheerful and expensive looking, not as dramatic as the silver ones , but super cute. Might replace the metal binder rings with ribbon for a softer look.  This book has about 10 pages and says ‘Perfect Day’ on the front and has little words on each page. 

Thanks to this weeks Mixed Media Monday  theme I am now thinking of re-cycling as borrowing too………. quite inspiring!


8 thoughts on “10/101 Birthday Journal

  1. Zuzu says:

    This book is so summery (well if i hadnt had to put the heating on again it would have put me in the mood for the garden.) very cheerful indeed

  2. mixedmediamonday says:

    Love your little journal! Thanks for taking a challenge with us on Mixed Media Monday – hope to see lots more of your lovely art! Diane

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