Brian – the owl in drag

say hello to Brian - he is very, very camp!
It all started with Dürer’s Wings as an exercise in colour transfers with Lazertran. That went pretty well and then the wings sat alone for about a year and they were just not right.

I had also transfered this quote:
Still you wait and will not try.
A bird with wings that dares not rise and fly.

Great quote but black transfer on dark purple background does not work terribly well. And then I found the head of that owl in an old bird book. It just seemed to fit and then he became a drag queen. The hat is a wedding cake die from Accucut that I really did not know what to do with after I had sown on those glass chips. I cut it to size a bit and voila it became the hat for my owl drag queen.

Even though it is completely mad, it makes me smile every time I look at that canvas. Brian is very, very camp!

Inspired by the Lots to do Challenge xx and the Everybody Art Challenge Thank you xx


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