Evolution or unable to stop when it is enough?

As I am playing more I am getting more done and probably becoming a bit more daring too. My mantra is, layers are good and gesso is my friend!

Had another go at a couple of canvases.
This one was far too tame last time. Now that I slashed the canvas (I can recommend that highly – it is very therapeutic) and grunged it up it had a much better feel to it. And after listening to the song lyrics again, I am also thinking about adding razor blades and barbed wire.

This one was way too empty too. The notion that I should wear clean underwear because I could get into an accident just makes me giggle every time I think of it. So if there was no chance of an accident our parents and grandparents would have walked around in dirty knickers???
So I have added those three guys – they have a slightly ethereal look coming out of that bath tub. This canvas will also be in the works a bit longer, there is still stuff missing. I am sure it will come in time.

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