Canvas transfers

I am finally getting in the swing of it. Gary’s birthday was a great opportunity to finally nail a technique where I can transfer pictures onto canvas. Whenever I tried before I ended up in a soggy mess – but with the urgent need to whip up some birthday presents I managed to make them work. I am always coming back to pictures and words – its my thing. One seems so lonely without the other. Now be warned, Gary does have eclectic tastes in music – I asked him to give me some favourite lines from his favourite songs. And I had strange images coming to me when I set about combining the words with visuals.

I LOVED making these, so much fun!

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One thought on “Canvas transfers

  1. katelnorth says:

    Ok, Leonard Cohen, Squeeze, The Killers and Radiohead – you’re right, his taste in music is eclectic. Then again, I did recognise them all (I did have to check the Radiohead to be sure) so I guess that say something about my taste in music, too. Great pieces, though.

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