77/101 Journals


It has been a while since I worked on this series, but I am back and am planning to get to 101 much quicker then I got to 77 🙂 This is a traveller’s notebook using Sizzix Scoreboard Journal die #661906. Just had to have it and I love working with it.

The notebook is for a very special lady who has written a wonderful book called The Listening Space and has been my mastermind buddy for many years. I promised her I would get started on my 100 journals, forgetting that I had already done 76 🙂 At least I am consistent in my desire to find more time to be creative.

I filled the journal with 3 hand-made notebooks  which are covered in some Gelli printed paper and some of the gorgeous large Accucut Butterflies #10

The cover and letters are up-cycled cardboard and I print lots of my Gelli plate prints onto magazine paper. It does not always have to be expensive to look pretty and be useful.


MailART 11 You did what?

11 You did what?1

Hurrah – a hand delivered card. I can use carton to die cut my letters and have them stand proud as much as I like. They also go a coating of crackle paint and a shadow.

The background paper was difficult to part with – love how this mono print came out. But there is no point having a box full of papers to stroke! Right?!

11 You did what?

Denzil had an accident involving his knee. I really hope he heels quickly and can get back doing what he loves.

Again – not so straight letters!! ts ts ts

MailART 10 Get well soon

10 Get well

This was another fun card to do! I printed the paper for the envelope and the background on the card myself. Mono printing background paper has become a serious obsession of mine. This time I tried out making my own chalk paint and loved the gorgeous colours it gave me.

Of course a bit of die cutting to add the message was a must. Must learn how to put on letters straight – that skill still eludes me 🙂

mailART 9/100 besserung gute

09 Gute Besserung

This just shows what happens when I don’t plan out what is going to go on a card. I made the gold embossing some time ago and it is lush! Then I decided this card needs butterflies, so I went into my butterfly bag and stuck them on.

And then I realised that it is going to be a challenge to get the words on. A simple ‘get well’ becomes ‘gute Besserung’  – try fitting that on! It is now ‘well get’ 🙂  Admittedly I was too lazy to cut smaller letters but I am quite pleased with the result. I just follow the surreal offerings my creative diva is throwing out.


MailART 8/100 Alles Gute

08 Alles Gute

This one just came from the background – it is mono printed, a technique  I am obsessed with. Then I recently scored the gorgeous ironwork die in the summer sale from Sizzix 658711. The letters came from that haul too.

I have been cutting out the animals from one of my charity book finds. They are just fabulous and I have all sorts. All in all I am very pleased with this surreal offering – not sure what my mother will think of it as a birthday card. But that is what the creative diva came up with, so that is what she is going to get.

MailART 7/100 Lighthouse

07 Lighthouse

Another mailART day inspired by one of my mastermind partners. I had cut the lighthouse envelope (how cool is that, no book is safe from me now!!!) and then she spoke about her metaphor of a lighthouse for her new project. I was inspired and at the same time found the new owner of that envelope.

Making connections like that makes me happy  🙂